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Exceptional Land

is a family-owned goat dairy and creamery sited on 28 hectares of pristine protection forest and located just 7km from the center of Dalat.  The farm uses sustainable, regenerative practices to produce incredibly delicious, fresh, and natural cheese and dairy products. We make our products only from the goats that we raise on the farm.

We live by the vision that “Exceptional land nurtures exceptional animals that produce exceptional milk”.  Our job is to let that exceptional milk shine through minimally processed products that celebrate the unique character of our “terroir”.
Dalat Blue Mountain Farm is a farmstead or fermier producer, meaning that the cheese and other dairy products we make are made on the farm and come only from the goats we raise on the farm.  
This means that our products are an unaltered expression of our local terroir.  Because the farm is on forested land, the goats have a very diverse natural diet that gives the milk and cheeses a unique character.  Great cheese must start with great milk, and because we know the goats, we know their diet, health and environment, we know that we are making something unique and special.
Come see where it all happens! Whether you are interested in learning about regenerative agriculture, eating the freshest food at its source, drinking in the calm of the forest, or all of the above, we would love to have you visit. 
Book a tour or plan a private event – we’re waiting to hear from you.
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