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Homemade Cheese

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Dalat Blue Mountain Farm is a farmstead producer. We make all our products in small batches, ensuring that the milk is as fresh as possible and that we can give personal attention to each batch.  Also, because we make everything on the farm, the milk only travels about 100 meters from milking to the cheese house, lowering the carbon footprint of the production.

Featured Selections

Pasteurized Goat Milk
  Our milk has a number of health benefits over cow's milk, it is easier to digest, there is less risk of milk allergies, and it contributes to better heart health. Pure and straight from the farm, it is also creamy, rich and delicious.
Goat's Cheese
  We make our goat cheese only from the fresh milk we take daily from our own goats. We use natural fermentation to create a tangy, buttery cheese that still carries the soft creaminess of our milk.
Goat's Milk Caramel Candies
Our caramel candies are luscious, creamy sweets, but the distinctive tang of goat's milk adds an earthy complexity that is absolutely addictive. We add our fresh goat's milk to high quality cream, butter and deep brown sugar to make a rich, sweet dairy treat that we know you will love.
Goat's Milk Caramel Sauce
  Our caramel sauce (cajeta) is a pure expression of the quality of our milk. It is hard to believe that this deep complex sauce is created from only 3 ingredients: goat's milk, sugar and a cinnamon stick. We think you'll agree that goat's milk creates a caramel that is much more flavorful and complex than any caramel you've had before.
Goat's Milk Facial Soap
Our natural goat milk soap is a premium product made with fresh goat milk from our own goats, raised on our farm in Dalat, Vietnam. We hope our goat milk soap gently yet thoroughly cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. It's perfect for everyday use on body and hands. Ideal for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin

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Dreams Mart

33 Bà Triệu, P3, TP Đà Lạt

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Would you like to sell Dalat Blue Mountain Farm products or use them at your restaurant?
Dalat Blue Mountain Farm is committed to health and safety. Our products and facilities have been tested safe, fully registered and comply with all government regulations. We will be happy to provide documents upon request.
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