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About Us

What's Dalat Blue Mountain Farm?

Our quest to create the highest quality artisan cheeses using milk from healthy, happy animals starts from the ground up, as our land is key to all that we do here.

It begins with Exceptional Land

We prioritize meticulous grazing management to improve soil health, cultivate nutritious pasture grass, and raise happy goats. Our approach yields high-quality milk and flavorful cheeses that reflect the seasonal variations in our goats' diet. Additionally, our land management practices contribute to the prevention of soil erosion and the development of a thriving ecosystem.

Add Exceptional Animals

Our goats offer a sustainable alternative to industrial-scale farming, as they avoid the environmental issues associated with conventional dairy operations. They require less water per gallon of milk and produce significantly less methane compared to cows.  We carefully manage to prevent water pollution, ecological disruption, and public health concerns associated with conventional livestock farming.

Get Goat Milk!

Glass of Milk
Goat milk is highly digestible and offers superior nutritional value compared to cow milk. It has smaller fat globules and forms softer curds in the stomach. It contains higher levels of short and medium-chain fatty acids, providing quick energy and associated health benefits. Additionally, it is well-tolerated by many individuals with cow milk allergies. Goat milk also boasts higher levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A compared to cow's milk. Overall, goat milk is favored for its taste, nutritional value, and ease of digestion.

Make Exceptional Cheese

All of our products begin with high-quality milk from well-cared-for animals. Our skilled cheesemakers utilize their expertise to craft delicious cheeses, adapting to the seasonal changes in the milk. Each batch showcases unique characteristics, including variations in size, shape, and flavor. We embrace and appreciate these differences, as they highlight the artisanal nature of our cheeses and the natural rhythm of farm life.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a variety of fine establishments that share our commitment to quality and excellence.

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